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It’s your data

It’s not another $#%@ cloud platform. Placemark doesn’t make you upload your data to yet another server. You can open files and save them.

Really simple

Drag some data onto the map. Draw a few points. Relax, this isn’t ArcGIS.

Import, convert, export

Have a CSV file with ZIP Codes? A GeoJSON file with some lines and polygons? Some WKT from your database? Placemark can handle it, and convert it to what you want.

Powerful attribute editing

Spatial is only half of spatial data. Placemark handles the other half - attributes - with a particular pizzazz. Edit JSON values in GeoJSON. Bulk-edit attributes in a table.

👋 Hi!

It’s my faceTom, the person building Placemark. For the longest time, I’ve thought that maps should be easier to make. Why are we stuck with janky desktop software and underpowered ‘map builders’ on the internet? There should be something better.

I worked on tools for editing maps at Mapbox and helped build the default editor for OpenStreetMap. Time passed. But I think this missing piece is still missing.

Placemark intends to be that missing piece. I’m building it to be a thoroughly useful, privacy-respecting, and sustainable tool. It’ll be a product – and a business – a way for me to improve something continuously.

Interested? Sign up for an update, or drop me a line.

-Tom MacWright